New York

Premises Cases

Whether you are attending a sporting event, visiting a friend in an apartment complex or strolling along a private street, you have a right to be in a safe environment. Owners and operators have a responsibility to maintain their premises in reasonably safe condition, including proper security measures and may be liable for your injuries caused by a defective or unsafe condition on the premises. Such conditions may be in the form of:

  • unlevel walking areas
  • tripping and slipping hazards
  • accumulation of snow and ice
  • overgrown landscaping or other debris
  • obstructions, protrusions and/or other defective conditions
  • lack of proper security measures leading to physical assault

While getting medical care is always the first action to take, it is extremely important that a timely and appropriate investigation of the condition be promptly performed and information about the defective condition be documented before any change may occur. Such investigation may include obtaining photographs, witness statements, accident reports and surveillance materials. The Rosato Firm has handled all types of premises liability cases and is keenly aware of what it takes to successfully prosecute these matters.